pingsweepdb Project Page pingsweepdb v0.1 is a set of perl scripts designed to be run on the command line to perform fast ping sweeps of large networks.

It requires an ip address, a Class A, B, or C classification as an argument. The scripts checks for database connectivity to a mysql database and dies if db connectivity is not avaiable.
Scripts are provided to create the db schema. Once command argument validation is performed, the scripts checks for the exisitence of the Class A, B, or C table, drops it and recreates it if it exisits then performs and nmap ping sweep. Once the sweep is complete, per class C range, the results are entered into the db with status up or down, and the time stamp. Each scan is performed three times with a user definable wait time between scans. Scripts for generating .csv output of the database are provided.

v 1.0 will provide a php frontend for program scheduling and db queries. Logo

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